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  • capnolag
  • 59 years old | Coraopolis, Pennsylvania

  • daveyz
  • Its whats for dinner!!
    I'm a laid back guy with a complex personality of indifferences in many aspects of life! Pretty simply, if I'm passionate about something, I give 100%, if not passionate, I'll stay open to the idea as long as respect is given and it's not jammed down my throat!! I generally have an opinion or idea on most topics in life! That doesn't mean I'm an @ss about it if I don't agree, but love to debate an... ...
  • 44 years old | Coraopolis, Pennsylvania

  • paradoxical55
  • 60 years old | Coraopolis, Pennsylvania

  • lovelykitten
  • 30 years old | Coraopolis, Pennsylvania

  • wpanude712009
  • 48 years old | United States, Coraopolis